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Paintings below are all watercolors and mostly about 16" x 20"
    House with Yellow Striped Awning Watercolor Painting     Aderondike Chairs and Cherries Watercolor Painting    
    House with Yellow Striped Awning      Aderondike Chairs and Cherries     
    Aspen Road Watercolor painting     Blue Wild Flowers Watercolor Painting    
    Aspen Road      Blue Wild Flowers     
    Boats and Houses on the Waterfront Watercolor     Mediterranean Home Watercolor Painting    
    Boats and Houses on the Waterfront     Mediterranean Home    
    Minstrels in the Park      Night on the Water     
    Minstrels in the Park      Night on the Water     
    Snowy Day Watercolor painting      Town on The Water Watercolor Painting     
    Snowy Day      Town on the Water     
    White House with Red Tiles Watercolor Painting      White Houses on Waterfront     
    White House with Red Tile Roof      White Houses on Waterfront     
Village on Water Watercolor Painting Autumn Aspens Watercolor Painting
    Village on Water      Autumn Aspens     
    Door and Gate Watercolor Painting      Florence Bridge Watercolor Painting     
    Door and Gate      Florence Bridge    
    Flower Vase Watercolor Painting      Point Vicente Lighthouse Watercolor Painting     
    Flower Vase      Point Vicente Lighthouse