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Paintings below are mostly water-based oils on 16" x 20" Canvas and mostly in private galleries.
    Basket       Boats Painting  
    Apple basket       Fishing boats  
    French Bridge Painting       Cezanne Copy Painting  
    Pont Neuf France       Copy of Cezanne still life  
    Cliffs in Palos Verdes Painting       Boats Painting  
    Cliffs       Fishing Village  
    Market Scene Painting       Fields of Flowers Painting  
    French store       Mystic fields  
    Fishing Village Painting       Fishing Village Painting on water  
    Fishing village       Quiet fishinf village  
    Fruit Stilllife Painting       Guatemala Village Painting  
    Apples       Guatemalan Village  
    Hills Painting       French Hotel Painting  
    Charming Hillside       French Hotel  
    Rat Beach Painting       Resort Village Painting  
    Rat Beach       Village Boats  
    Sun Valley Painting       Trees Painting  
    Sun Valley Trees       Mountain Trees  
    Vases Painting       Village Painting  
    Blue Vases       Yugolsav Village  
    Purple Flowers Painting       Stockholm Street Painting  
    Purple Flowers       Stockholm Street  
    Street Scene Painting       Village Street Painting  
    Storybook Village       Village Laane